Why job titles matter

When navigating the executive recruitment process, internal human resources personnel don't pay much attention to titles, which makes perfect sense. After all, actual job duties carry the most weight in the eyes of both candidates and employers. Still, these monikers do matter in some respects. Here are three reasons why you should think carefully when drafting a name for your next C-level opening:

Clarifying hierarchies
Modern businesses have, for the most part, shunned the siloed internal structures that used to dictate processes and interactions. However, there's still need for structure, and job titles often clarify this internal framework, according to the Houston Chronicle. These labels form the basis for employee relations, clueing workers into official and off-the-books pecking orders.

"Job titles encapsulate employees' roles within the organization."

Accelerating operations
In mission-critical departments such as account management and sales, titles are an essential tool for prompting client action, The New York Times reported. One email from a vice president or C-level leader can convince a client to stay onboard or grease the sales cycle, saving company resources and time.

Lending meaning
Strong job titles act as mission statements for the individuals who possess them, giving employees overarching objectives that encapsulate their roles within the organization, according to Business Insider. This is why candidates often fight for specific monikers during the negotiation process – these labels communicate the purpose they serve.

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