Is your startup CEO collaborating with HR?

Strong executive candidates can sow the seeds for good performance early on by forming strong relationships with other departments. It may not necessarily be on your radar, but working with HR should be a top priority for a startup CEO who wants to encourage better development and human management. A good CEO will recognize how important it is for companies to have both a positive culture and the right systems for staff development.

Right now, some HR teams, like other vital departments within businesses, are looking at ways to use data monitoring and other technology to improve performance. According to a survey from CareerBuilder cited by HR.BLR.com, 90 percent of CEOs believe that HR staff should be "proficient in workforce analytics." Nearly 60 percent of business leaders also think that the data HR executives gather can be used to benefit the business as a whole.

In an article for the Stanford Graduate School of Business, professor Robert Siegel identifies HR issues as the root of various problems.

"If you put best HR practices into place in the earliest days and are doing the right things right, you'll have fewer and fewer issues and blowups," Siegel states. He also notes that employers need to examine their current approach to human capital by asking themselves questions such as "Are you giving your employees the tools to be effective in their jobs? Are you providing them with tools to grow their careers?"

When choosing an executive, startup businesses can focus on the way the entire company would work as a unit with a coherent strategy involving a retained executive search firm.

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