IT resilience enables successful digital transformation

Digital transformation is being increasingly viewed as an absolutely mission-critical update for any modern organization, regardless of size or industry. In fact, business leaders who still express skepticism regarding the matter are more likely to be viewed – perhaps unfairly – as out of touch by their peers.

But what's more important than simply updating your legacy software and hardware with the most au courant replacements is doing so in a careful, deliberate fashion. And that means adopting a strategy of IT resilience: backup strategies that preserve data in the event of any service interruption. If you don't, your business is merely playing lip service to the idea of digital transformation rather than enjoying the full spectrum of advantages modernization can offer.

The core of IT resilience 
As explained by the backup solutions firm Unitrends, IT resilience isn't so much a single fail-safe tool as it is a strategy, one bolstered by a conflagration of applications and services. Basically, here's the brass-tacks version: If your business's IT infrastructure is resilient, it will be able to withstand a system failure – whether it be rooted in human error, a natural disaster, a major glitch or a malicious attack by hackers – without any significant loss of valuable corporate data. 

IT resilience enables successful digital transformationAn IT resilience strategy can help your company's digital transformation initiative remain operational even in the face of various threats.

As an example, if your firm is hit with ransomware – one of the most frequent forms of cybercrime – an IT resilience strategy supported by the right tech tools can restore production data to its status from before the attack. It should also have the ability to continuously scan backup systems for unwanted activity or glitches.

Properly reinforcing your IT 
Continuity Central noted that a clear plan of action is essential to IT resilience: You need buy-in and commitment across the organization so that no portion of the business goes unprotected. It's also crucial to conduct regular quality assurance tests of your primary IT hardware and software and offsite backups. 

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