Job postings aren’t enough to find key executives

An executive recruitment should use the most effective channels to target possible candidates. If your organization is simply relying on the description in a job posting, you're likely not doing enough. When looking for an executive, this method is insufficient, and often has job-seekers who don't even match the requirements applying. Instead, you should employ assertive recruitment tactics that are capable of yielding both active and passive candidates.

ERE.net contributor James Ellis recently listed some of the problems with just using a description, which are broadly applicable to executive search. He advises recruiters to spend more energy figuring out exactly what their company is looking for, and soliciting the advice of those who have done the open job before.

Ellis also says that professional recruiters are making bad assumptions when it comes to the traditional job description, and criticized the strategy.

"They assume candidates will search for the terms in the job description," he writes, referring to recruiters. "They hope that the candidate will read all that jargon and bland verbiage and become compelled to apply."

Clearly, one of the chief issues for Ellis is the tendency for recruiters to be too passive in the search process. YES Partners provides an active, efficient tool to find the best candidates, using a specially-formed strategy that reflects the company's needs. We employ direct sourcing techniques to reach hires who don't read job boards. Every single candidate is interviewed and vetted towards the requirements, and only candidates relevant to the requirements are presented. This way, apart from saving time, you're able to find qualified people who might have otherwise escaped notice.

Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people – for all company functions, across many industries and globally.

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