Leadership holds key to unlocking digital transformation’s potential

Digital transformation initiatives are sweeping through the enterprise. As businesses explore how they can revitalize operations to better connect their people, processes and technology, they must also put serious thought into what it means to lead an organization into a digital future. The changes ahead aren't just technological, they're cultural and operational too, and skilled leaders are necessary along the way.

YES Partners offers connections to executives with skills specific to the technology industry, and we can give you access to a global recruitment base of experienced leaders. These types of connections are essential as you seek the C-level staff you need to support digital transformation.

The importance of leadership in digital transformation
Becoming a digitally mature organization is only possible after an extended period of persistent, sustained innovation in which technological, cultural and procedural changes come together to transform both customer and employee experiences. Strong executive leadership is essential along the way, as evidenced in a Fujitsu survey that found:

  • Many Businesses working toward digital transformation are already experiencing benefits.
  • Organizations are citing revenue gains and improved customer relationships as the primary gains associated with digital transformation.
  • Companies pointed to finding staff with appropriate skills and having strong leadership in place as the two most important factors in driving success within digitization projects.

Highly skilled executives can drive digital initiatives, but it isn't enough to just understand the technology framework, leaders must also be able to support better human experiences.

The human side of digital transformation
In many ways, going digital is still about people. Better technologies empower workers to get the job done more effectively. PricewaterhouseCoopers found that the human factor has become even more important in the past decade.

"Businesses must focus acutely on human experiences in order to keep pace with rapid change."

Looking at how digital projects have changed from 2007 to 2017, PwC discovered that scale and complexity have been major issues, leaving organizations having to play catch up as the world changes more quickly than ever. As a result, businesses must focus acutely on human experiences in order to keep pace. Tech innovation alone isn't enough. However, this renewed emphasis on employee culture and customer relationship building requires that executives deeply understand the cultural implications of digital transformation and can lead accordingly.

Is your company falling behind in the digital transformation maturation cycle? You can still catch up, but to do so, you need executives who not only have experience with the technical aspects of creating change, but also the human parts of the equation. YES Partners can help you connect with the right candidates for your specific needs.

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Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people for all company functions, across many industries.

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