Robot-human collaboration could change the modern workplace

Robotics have been transforming the workplace for decades, but the rise of the internet of things is combining with advanced robot design to change how companies leverage the technology. In response, executives must gain an understanding of how sophisticated robotics solutions can change their operational models and position them for success. In many cases, this is a matter of developing a plan for collaboration between humans and robots.

Humans and robots unite
Much of the talk surrounding increased use of robots tends to focus on automating jobs. What doesn't get as much attention is the potential to empower humans to work more effectively and become more valuable to employers because robots are around to help. The problem is simple – having people and robots work side by side has long been considered unsafe. That may not be the case any longer, and it could be time to adjust.

"Businesses can now restructure their operational models around humans and robots working together."

A study published in the International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing explained that businesses can now restructure their operational models around humans and robots working in complementary roles, using analytics for backend decision making and process optimization. This is a far-reaching process as it involves changes to everything from how human resources designates different types of workers to the specific layout of facilities.

A study published in Science Direct came to similar conclusions, but also pointed out that the idea of safe operations with humans and robots side by side is now a viable option from a technical perspective. The larger issue has become figuring out how to implement the strategy in an efficient, systemic way.

Preparing for a new enterprise reality
Whether your organization plans to rely more heavily on robots moving forward or is developing the robotics solutions that could drive innovation, you need executives who are capable of understanding the full implications of environments where humans and robots work together. It may take a global executive search to find the right person with these kinds of specialized skills. YES Partners is here to help with our end-to-end executive recruiting services that focus on the demands of the technology sector.

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