Robotics trends open up saving opportunities for leadership

The robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) industries are not slowing anytime soon. With recent headlines about Zora, the care-giving robot for dementia patients, and data showing that the global collaborative robots market size will increase to more than $3 billion by 2022, according to technavio, it's clear that groundbreaking technologies will continue to appear.

Talent acquisition professionals are tasked with finding the most knowledgeable executives in the field, who can also keep up with the latest trends and implement new structures into the business sector accordingly.

Here's a look at one of the latest trends in robotics and the subsequent requirements of successful executive leadership.

The Robotics Business Review recently held the RoboBusiness Conference, which pointed to some key trends in the industry. 

According to Seeking Alpha, Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) was an important topic and potential industry growth factor. RaaS is a fairly low-expenditure route for companies to ramp up their automation processes. Maintenance and upgrade risks are also mitigated using RaaS.

Companies could save on machinery leases, rather than traditional ownership.Companies could save on machinery leases, rather than traditional ownership.

Rather than a company having to pay for costly repair service or address problems on their own, with RaaS, they can pay a recurring fee to robot manufacturers as a lease on the machines, which can include maintenance costs and even implementation costs. 

This is one way that the robotics industry is giving businesses options to integrate these new technologies into their structures and processes.

Leadership considerations
As an executive in this field, it's important to consider whether the business is better set up to support a robotics ownership model, or to take advantage of RaaS, which can be provided in short-term arrangements if necessary.

Automation is still a fairly new factor for leaders to take into account within companies, and it can be an expensive addition to any team process. Taking advantage of offerings like RaaS could end up saving money and time that workers are spending addressing problems that new technologies bring. 

Executive leadership in robotics must always be on the lookout for such opportunities, so a clear view of the industry and competitors is a must for those in these positions across the market.

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