Machine learning considerations for leadership

Part of our current digital revolution is the implementation of machine learning into company practices.

While machines are not likely to replace the entire workforce anytime soon, there are certain steps that leaders must consider taking now. 

More training and education will be needed across the company
However far you plan to go with machine learning in the next year or two, one certainty is that you'll need to educate employees. Complex systems will only achieve beneficial results if people can analyze findings and implement them into processes.

Even though machine learning allows systems to process large amounts of data, identify patterns and provide recommendations without a human employee present, according to SAS these efforts will be for naught if those running the company don't understand what it all means.

Leaders need to ensure employees get the training they need to understand data analysis outcomes.Leaders need to ensure employees get the training they need to understand data analysis outcomes.

Necessary training may include anything from learning machine maintenance to education on machine learning languages, such as Python or Java.

Leaders need to invest in training and education required for employees to properly use these new technologies.

Specialists may need to be hired in these areas
In addition to training the employees you already have, positions will likely need to be created specifically for these data analytics tasks. The title of Machine Learning Engineer is becoming more popular as of late – a Glassdoor search of such open positions in the U.S. gives over 70,000 results.

These professionals already know the necessary digital languages and best practices in the industry. They'll be able to get to work right away on transitioning your teams and implementing automation and improved data analysis.

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