Strategies for hiring a startup CEO

Not all startup founders are equipped to manage the businesses they build. Many look outside the organization for leaders with the executive experience and vision it takes to transform their fledgling enterprises into industry-leading powerhouses. Of course, finding candidates with the ability to succeed in such roles can be challenging. Luckily, there are executive recruitment strategies that address this very situation.

If your growing startup needs a CEO, consult the following tips:

Start with a strategy
Before embarking on the search for your executive leader, you should first firm up your overarching developmental goals, the Harvard Business Review advised. With a blueprint for the future in hand, you can formulate an ideal profile for the individual fit to manage your company. This will enable you to easily narrow the field and select a CEO with skills needed to succeed within your organization.

"Prospective candidates for the CEO spot at your organization should exhibit grit."

Look for cultural compatibility, conviction
Though you may be in the process of building a more traditional internal infrastructure, your enterprise is different than most industry stalwarts. You most likely manage passionate, mission-driven employees with whom you maintain close relationships.

As a result, it is essential that you bring on an executive leader who will fit within your tight-knit team and feed off of the enthusiasm that fuels your business, Inc. advised. In short, find a fellow true believer to take over at the helm.

Focus on grit
Often, the hours spent working at a startup are long, the pay is low and the successes are few and far between. Only individuals with tenacity and a willingness to work in the trenches survive in such environments. Prospective candidates for the CEO spot at your organization should exhibit such qualities, Fast Company reported.

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On many occasions a startup-CEO is asked to join when the company is still in pre-funding stage, i.e. the startup at that stage has virtually no money and therefore is not able to pay any salary but needs to attract the (right) candidates willing and able to work for initially equity alone. This narrows the available candidates with specific experience quite a bit. Due to the early stage nature it however is even more important to find the RIGHT candidate for a company.

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