The role of AI in Industry 4.0 initiatives

Over the course of approximately the past two years, it has become clear that the Industry 4.0 movement is no mere flash in the pan but actually has real staying power. Manufacturing firms all over the world are adopting the technology-driven tenets of this new approach to the management of essential industry processes.

It makes perfect sense that artificial intelligence would have a role in the proliferation and continued development of Industry 4.0. Additionally, it's become clear that AI might be capable of clearing some of the roadblocks certain firms are experiencing in their efforts to become 4.0.-compatible. Organizations wrapped up in executive recruitment efforts should look for candidates who realize the value AI can bring to manufacturing – and YES Partners can aid the search. 

The role of AI in Industry 4.0 initiatives Industry 4.0 initiatives can realize considerable benefits – and potentially accelerate their progress – by adopting AI.

AI and Industry 4.0: A clear match 
As pointed out by Forbes, manufacturing firms are already automated (to various extents) in the U.S., as well as in other developed countries, like Germany, that strongly rely on the sector. But in still-growing countries with a manufacturing presence – Thailand, with its auto-parts plants, is a major example – inefficient manual processes are more common than they should be in 2019. (Multinational enterprises setting up shop in developing nations must reckon with this as well when they bring on staff more accustomed to legacy methods, unless they plan on – extremely inefficiently – importing all of the necessary workers.)

Tai-Yi Huang, CVP and CTO of consumer electronics brand ASUS, told Forbes in an interview that AI can accelerate the process of systems integration in manufacturing, which alleviates one of the primary impediments to Industry 4.0 adoption. To further approach 4.0 realization, companies may also benefit from implementing image-capturing technologies and other systems that effectively leverage easily obtained data. 

Additional advancements
There's no denying the vitality of the Industry 4.0 movement. It's bringing about considerable opportunities not just for manufacturers but also communication services providers, software developers, engineers and other tech experts. Plenty to go around! But to create substantive bottom-line gains in manufacturing, there must be a willingness from the top down for manufacturers to pursue the technologies and methods that will have real impact. 

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