The war for talent is still on

During the first half of 2017, there were some whispers that the war for talent was ending as the economy stabilized and competition between organizations dwindled. It turns out, this was merely a lull in what continues to be an all-out battle between companies to identify and hire the talent needed to meet today's operational demands.

Just about every organization needs executives who understand both business and technological issues impacting the global marketplace, creating a sense of urgency around finding the right people and looking beyond traditional channels to do so. If you're hoping to win this war for talent, you may need some help. YES Partners provides global recruitment services, helping companies connect with leaders who can help them advance their agendas into the future.

Understanding the problem of the talent war
On some level, the fierce fight for talented workers begins with skills gaps, changing marketplace demands and a wave of more seasoned employees reaching retirement age. However, the issues beneath the surface in today's talent war are more complicated. An Inc. report explained that one of the greatest challenges facing companies is the changing nature of how businesses operate. With organizations having a truly global footprint – be it through branch offices or remote work strategies – the days of only competing within a localized market are disappearing. Furthermore, the ubiquitous demand for key job skills is leaving more companies competing with one another than before.

"The war for talent is a truly borderless fight."

Inc. said that a business used to have to beat out local competitors when trying to source talent from a regional pool. Now, those boundaries are gone and the war for talent is a truly borderless fight.

Getting ahead in hiring
Businesses hoping to get ahead in recruiting can benefit from emerging technologies and strategies. For example, Digitalist Magazine reported that machine learning can help firms predict potential performance of hires and develop more cohesive tactics for hiring.

This type of strategy is out of reach for many companies at this point – even if machine learning is in the budget, it takes a lot of raw data to make it work. However, the underlying idea – getting more data and a broader perspective on hires – is a lesson every organization can learn from. YES Partners can help you gain access to a larger base of potential hires and get the information you need to identify if they are a good fit for your current requirements. The right help can give you the resources you need to win the war for talent.

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Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people for all company functions, across many industries.

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