Turn to YES Partners to find executives with the vision you need

When you realize, for whatever reason, that your organization is in need of new executive leadership, it can be a stressful conclusion to arrive at, especially if you have to replace a member of the C-/V-/D-suite or those otherwise hard-to-find experts who had a long and successful tenure with your business. But we can safely say to you that executive recruitment doesn't have to be nightmare – not if you have the right assistance.

YES Partners has the expertise and experience you need to find C/V/D-level personnel who will steer your organization in an ideal direction, no matter how fast-paced and hectic your industry and its competition may be. Our focus on not merely filling positions but locking in on the just-right candidates for our clients is what distinguishes us from run-of-the-mill staffing firms.

Finding executives in the most cutting-edge industries
In segments of the business world that are fairly new on the scene, or characterized by their complexity and a need for niche knowledge, the search for the right talent at all levels is almost always trickier than what companies in established industries, like auto parts manufacturing or finance, may experience. It might seem like just a small degree of separation from the auto sector to the development of autonomous driving systems and the connected-vehicle, for example, but in truth they are worlds apart.

Turn to YES Partners to find executives with the vision you needWe help organizations in need of forward-thinking executives find the RIGHT personnel, even in niche, cutting-edge industries.

At YES Partners, we relish the challenge of tracking down the right C/V/D-level candidates, even in situations where our clients are working on the vanguard of advanced sciences and technologies in their infancy. Companies in fields including artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT/the internet of things, AI/Artificial Intelligence, fintech, digital, cyber/Risk-management, robotics, solar and LifeScience have routinely enlisted our services. Some of the most intriguing roles among our recent placements are as follows:

  • Clinical research director for a prominent company crafting therapeutic products based on concepts of cellular and molecular biology
  • VP of equity capital markets for a major financial services firm in Europe
  • CEO of a silicon manufacturer working in specialized areas of aerospace and auto
  • Regulatory affairs director for a medical device business focused on solutions for chronically ill patients

Value for businesses of all sizes
Organizations in every size category – small tech startups, midsize enterprises, massive multinational conglomerates and others – have specific executive and management recruitment needs. YES Partners is equipped to adjust our talent acquisition solutions to fit your scope. In large and medium-sized companies, we supplement the operations of internal recruitment, while helping smaller firms put together their entire C/V/D-suites as a close, hands-on partner. 

To see some of the roles we have already successfully placed, click here.

Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people for all company functions, across many industries.

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