Understanding the cultural side of the digital transformation conversation

Business and IT leaders alike are finding themselves scrambling to keep pace with the wave of digital transformation taking place in the modern enterprise. The pressure is high as migrating to advanced digital solutions requires holistic changes to the core of a business, and it needs to happen quickly. Organizations that want to keep up need to make sure they are recruiting executives who can help them keep up, and it's not all about the technology. Cultural issues are also becoming a point of emphasis.

The cultural side of digital transformation
It can be easy for executives to get caught up in the hype of modern technologies and neglect the extent to which they need to change the core business to truly transform around digital. A report from the Forbes Technology Council explained that many executives look at their problems and think, "there must be an app for that." In many cases, they are right, but they are also oversimplifying what it means to become a flexible, agile organization. It isn't enough to roll out numerous apps to solve gaps in workflows, entire customer and employee experiences must be transformed to support digital work models. This requires new expectations and underlying cultural changes that don't happen overnight.

"Culture is emerging as a primary barrier to successful digital transformation."

A McKinsey report also emphasized culture as an issue. After surveying executives, the firm found that 33 percent consider cultural and behavioral challenges as a significant roadblock to achieving digital goals. This was the most frequently cited challenge, and it wasn't even close. The runner up was a lack of understanding of digital trends, and just 25 percent of respondents cited it as an issue.

Finding an executive to foster digital culture
With culture emerging as a primary barrier to successful digital transformation, it is up to CEOs to take the reigns. These executives are uniquely positioned to look at the big picture and drive change across every part of an organization. If your business is looking for a CEO that can advance its digital agenda, YES Partners is particularly well positioned to help. Our executive search consultants can provide the expertise and connections with a global pool of prospects to ensure you get the people with the specific culture-building skills needed to fuel transformation.

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