The app platform revolution puts new pressure on CMOs, HR leaders

Application development platforms have emerged as a major part of the digitally transformed enterprise. Platforms offer low-code development functionality, helping companies create the proprietary apps they need to engage customers and improve internal processes. While the technical and operational gains are exciting, the trend is also likely to disrupt the status quo for chief marketing officers and human resources executives alike.

App platforms rising
Research from Forrester indicates that the global app platform market brought in revenues of approximately $3.8 billion in 2017 as major players in the tech industry entered the space. In many cases, companies are embracing the technology as they work to accelerate development and leverage low-code functionality in a variety of use scenarios.

The rapid rise of low code is also evident in a Transparency Market Research report that found the sector will expand globally at a compound annual growth rate of 54.5 percent for the period of 2017 to 2025.

"App platforms are rising as new demands for customer engagement emerge."

With low-code app platforms changing how businesses create and use apps, organizations are deploying proprietary solutions across a wider range of operations. This creates new opportunities for branding, something that CMOs and HR leaders should both be aware of.

The new branding reality
App platforms are rising as new demands for customer engagement emerge. Consumers interact with brands in more varied ways than in the past. Low-code platforms let companies roll out customer-facing apps to resolve gaps in user experiences, creating a new opportunity for CMOs.

Marketing leaders who understand the benefits of modern app platform technologies can leverage the solutions to deepen branding across every phase of the customer journey. With more app content fully supported by strategic marketing collateral, there are new opportunities to strengthen connections with consumers.

This is just the external factor, however, and HR stakeholders must also consider their employer brand – how workers perceive the company. App platforms can create a sense of engagement as new solutions emerge to solve frustrating problems and automate inefficient workflows. HR leaders who work with IT teams to align app capabilities with employee demands can strengthen their employer brand and drive retention gains.

Businesses hoping to fully capitalize on the app platform movement can't afford to neglect branding. CMOs and HR leaders who understand the implications of the technology can go a long way in driving success, and YES Partners offers the robust, tech-focused recruiting capabilities businesses need to find the right executives to lead their digital transformation efforts.

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