What values make a Millennial CEO great?

Executives can be of all ages, but one question recruiters need to consider is the best way to approach the younger generation of c-level talent flooding into the marketplace. Will appealing to them require a specific strategy, and which businesses will be more likely to attract them? Companies old and new have to look at the tools they are using for executive recruitment and consider whether or not they are aligned with what they want the most out of a leader.

A young startup founder, for example, may want someone who understands his or her point of view and has a similar frame of reference. At the same time, an established brand could also turn to Millennial professionals as part of a greater push toward that market. Land's End, a well-known established brand with more than a century of experience behind its name, has taken recent steps to appeal to a Millennial market and sensibility.

Writing for Inc.com, Jason Ashlock spoke about the values of the future executive workforce and how they translate into a professional setting, something more and more businesses might have to consider in the future.

"Inspiration at work goes hand in hand with creativity and meaningfulness for these up-and-coming visionaries," he writes of the Millennial work ethic. "As companies turn over and Millennials rise to the top, their generational idiosyncrasies will transform the way businesses are run, stories are told and countries are governed."

Looking for leaders with the latest and most effective global executive search strategies will keep companies ready to evolve and change with the newest requirements the industry brings with it.

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