Why Hiring Teams Makes Sense For Companies

Conventional wisdom dictates that "there is no I in team." Of course, finding a complete team of people with the requisite skills is not always easy. Most companies prefer to build their teams organically, adding individuals into the mix as needed. The well-established model of recruitment allows executive leadership to evaluate a person during not only the interview process but also after they are hired.

Reduce Potential Risk

The caveat is that nobody can ever say with certainty that an individual will be a perfect fit once they are through the door.

A person who acquits themselves well during the hiring phase may not be up to the task in the actual workplace environment. Research has shown that conventional job interviews are not an indicator of future job performance, but rather just how that person performs on the day. The focus is normally on how successful a person will be once they join the company as opposed to having a clear idea of whether they will play well with others.

"74 percent of employers admit that they hired the wrong person."

A recent industry survey said that a bad hire can be detrimental to both the company and the existing team members. The survey, conducted by Harris Poll in September of this year, found that around three in four employers (74 percent) responded that they had hired the wrong person for a position. By any standards, that is a huge gamble to take.

The obvious answer to this conundrum is for executives and managers to look for pre-formed teams who have a record of both industry success and shared group culture.

Embrace The Cohort Effect

Hiring groups of people also encourages new employees to hit the ground running and contribute quickly. In essence, a team hire can reduce conflict and tap into the so-called "cohort effect." In other words, a team has already bonded prior to being brought on board and knows the strengths and weaknesses of its members. This can lead to high levels of performance and engagement within the company structure from the outset.

In addition, executive teams can tap into the process of acqui-hiring. This form of talent acquisition has become extremely prevalent within the tech industry, with a number of high-profile companies buying a smaller enterprise or startup to recruit its employees. Again, this is a good way to bring fresh ideas into the workplace, even more so when you take into account that the team obviously works well enough together to warrant acquisition by a bigger fish.

YES Partners can help companies find the teams you need. Our executive search consultants have a proven track record of locating forward-thinking people with executive experience that are already part of a team.

Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people for all company functions, across many industries.

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