3 key traits of an effective devops leader

Organizations in the technology sector have embraced the devops product creation approach, which involves designing and deploying cross-functional development teams that address both software design and management. The average devops group has almost doubled in size over the last three years, according to research from the open-source software company Puppet. Now, these specialized teams account for more than one-quarter of all information technology resources at most firms. Businesses in the technology space that have avoided devops adoption would be wise to reconsider, as this methodology is quickly becoming an industry standard.

Those prepared to move forward with devops development efforts should work with third-party recruiters to pinpoint capable IT leaders who have the mix of technical skills and project management experience necessary to oversee agile product creation operations. In addition to these demonstrable, resume-friendly qualities, devops must posses the more subtle characteristics that lead to success in the position. Here are some of those essential attributes:

The agile product development method on which devops is based prioritizes customer service. From application ideation to execution to maintenance, the user is the foremost concern. As a result, the IT leaders who manage devops workflows must be customer-centric, according to TechRepublic. What does that mean on a practical level? In most cases, these individuals advocate for end users during service deliver, reminding developers that the solutions they design will be used by everyday people.

"The average devops group has almost doubled in size over the last three years."

Devops teams must execute high-level projects on tight timelines, while working to maintain previously launched products in need of constant tweaking. These demanding duties tend to wear on developers, increasing the likelihood of internal dysfunction. Devops leaders must actively address this unfavorable outcome by cultivating healthy workplace cultures based on communication and flexibility, Wired reported. This, of course, requires cultural awareness and a knack for spotting troubling team trends that may hurt output down the line.

The widespread embrace of the devops methodology signals the end of siloed IT operations. Now, internal technology specialists with disparate skill sets collaborate under one unifying goal: serving the customer. Effective devops leaders embody this idea by displaying a can-do attitude and embracing every task that comes there way, no matter how menial or out-of-the-box, according to the International Data Group. Developers in devops settings must be willing to get their hands dirty to accomplish cross-functional business goals. The situation is no different for their direct superiors.  

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