Cloud computing tests CIOs

Cloud computing technology continues to pick up steam among enterprises and is quickly becoming the go-to IT infrastructure option across most sectors. An estimated 95 percent of organizations are now taking advantage of cloud services, according to research from RightScale. Adoption rates will likely increase next year, as IT teams are expected to further embrace the internet of things, necessitating the need for new backend support in the form of cloud services, analysts for Forrester Research found. This forthcoming development holds implications for professionals in almost every area of the business, including the executive suite.

"Seventy-three percent of cloud transitions last one year or longer."

Chief information officers are most susceptible to cloud-created change. Why? These leaders are often directly responsible for cloud implementation, including the rejiggering of organizational processes to accommodate the cloud. For this reason, IT experts at Deloitte have created an alternative title for CIOs in the age of the cloud: chief integration officer. Sadly, many of the individuals occupying the role of CIO are failing to integrate cloud technology in a timely fashion, according to data from Dimensional Research and Velostrata published in TechRepublic. The firms found that 73 percent of cloud transitions last one year or longer, during which time costs build up and internal disruption intensifies.

With cloud technology poised to expand its footprint in 2018, businesses must re-evaluate their C-suites and consider installing more modern CIOs who can quickly execute on cloud integration efforts. YES Partners can help. Our seasoned executive recruiters can help enterprises find transformative candidates with the skills needed to effectively leverage the cloud to bolster revenue, without driving up expenses on prolonged integration efforts.

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