3 ways to stand apart from other companies during the hiring process

The search for new talent can be nerve-wracking, no matter a business's size. With the role the internet now plays in the hiring process, every firm can find the public records and profiles of optimal candidates. The days of headhunters making phone calls well into the early hours of the morning to find the right talent are over. High-level candidates seeking new jobs have more choice than ever before, and as a result, which means companies need to stand out from the competition to attract the person they want. Luckily, there are many ways a firm can make themselves more appealing to the high-quality candidates they wish to court, according to experts surveyed by Indeed. 

Its personal
When recruiting for crucial roles, the recruiting process can and should be de-formalized. There aren't going to be 700 candidates for the role like there would for any entry-level job (especially for higher-level or crucial roles), so hiring managers can get personal. Simple things, like switching from phone to video chats, to personalized emails following interviews can ingratiate a business to a candidate they have their eyes on. Responding to a candidate's requests in a timely manner can make them feel appreciated. Or, if a candidate says they live far away, downplay the issue and mention your relocation assistance program. Scoring brownie points is quite easy, but many businesses forgo it entirely and stick to a rigid hiring process at every level.

The search for the right candidate can be streamlined greatly with the right methods.The search for the right candidate can be streamlined greatly with the right methods.

Be open
Many companies think they should only disclose certain pieces of information if a candidate asks for it, such as benefits or telecommuting policies. This doesn't fit high-level recruiting. These are candidates who you want to have on your team; being approachable and honest with them is something they deserve and the right thing to do. Professionals looking for open executive roles for example tend to not be desperate, they know what they have and how much they are worth. And they'll expect a certain amount of respect in return; without this, they will stop considering your company. As the Society for Human Resources Management says, it's in everyone's best interest for all parties to be honest with each other

Above and beyond
While being honest and relatable with your candidates is important, the harder part is impressing them. Fortunately, there are many ways to court someone you have your eyes on for a role. Do they live nearby? Invite them out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Give them a tour of the office, or bring them to an event they'd like. Offer perks, like a corner office, or funds to furnish their workspace. The possibilities are endless.

Getting a candidate to consider your company is one thing, making them feel appreciated is another. YES Partners has the worldwide reach, expertise and diverse breadth of services to help organizations in their efforts to find the executives and additional talent they need. To see some of the roles that YES Partners has already successfully placed, click here

Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people for all company functions, across many industries.

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