Concerns regarding organizational visibility into cybersecurity

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there were 1,632 data breaches of U.S. organizations in 2018, leading to the exposure of more than 446 million records. Thus far this year (as of July 9, 2019), the ITRC has identified 713 breaches and almost 40 million compromised records

Many enterprises have cybersecurity solutions in place throughout their IT infrastructure – but how certain are they of these systems' successful function? It's also become clear that the IT department's C-level staff must be transparent and cooperative with their executive peers for data security measures to have a better chance of success. If your company's tech executives can't offer that relationship, you'll need to find replacements who can – and the experts at YES Partners can help. 

Concerns regarding organizational visibility into cybersecurityCybersecurity must be paramount to all organizations.

Lack of clarity
A Ponemon Institute study, conducted on behalf of cybersecurity firm AttackIQ, found companies spend an average of $18.4 million each year on information security. Compared to other portions of the budget, that might not look like that big a number (especially for larger enterprises) – but researchers also concluded that there's considerable uncertainty regarding the successful function of cybersecurity tools. Among the IT staff surveyed by Ponemon, 53% said they can't say, at any given moment, how well their infosec solutions are actually doing in terms of cyberthreats being avoided or neutralized.

Also, 56% of respondents admitted there was "a lack of visibility" into the operations of the security programs they'd established. If other people in the business aren't aware of cybersecurity solutions, they won't know to adjust their operations accordingly so that the secure environment isn't compromised in any way. But the question of who should initiate communication on this topic – IT or others in the business – in such a situation isn't easily answered, leading to siloed operations and unsafe practices that might put the entire organization at risk.

Communication is key to cybersecurity success
Siloed, disconnected departments are never as successful apart as they can be together. If the leadership of your IT department isn't communicating properly with their executive peers – or if C-suite people in another company unit aren't talking to IT – a shake-up might be needed.

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