Future roles: Should businesses search for Chief IoT Officers?

Does your organization need a CIoTO?
Does your organization need a CIoTO?

Organizations worldwide are expected to implement more than 3 billion connected enterprise devices this year, according to research from Gartner. This data is indicative of the industry-agnostic embrace of the internet of things. Businesses in almost every sector are adopting new workflows centered on cutting-edge technology that promises to bolster efficiency and productivity, and, in turn, widen margins. Consequently, some firms are installing technical specialists tasked with designing, implementing and managing IoT strategies in their executive suites. These professionals, called Chief IoT Officers, could prove essential in a marketplace dominated by technological innovation.

Understanding the role
From a high level, CIoTOs are responsible for charting out and overseeing actionable IoT workflows that function within modern enterprise structures. In carrying out this task, these business leaders deal with numerous ancillary issues related to technology use in the workplace, TechTarget reported. For example, most CIoTOs must grapple with customer and employee data privacy, as IoT devices collect, process and store sensitive information from both parties. Additionally, these professionals are tasked with addressing larger organizational issues surrounding the use of business intelligence, which requires not only substantial technical expertise but also extensive business knowledge.

“Organizations worldwide are expected to implement more than 3 billion connected enterprise devices this year.”

Finding the perfect candidates
Ample information technology knowledge and executive experience are, of course, requirements for candidates interested in filling this innovative role. That said, professionals hoping to nab the CIoTO position must also bring to the table other competencies that often do not fit into the skills sections of their resumes, according to Venture Beat. A penchant for collaboration is one of these unique must-haves, as business leaders managing IoT operations must work with colleagues across multiple divisions to effectively develop and implement their technological agendas. Agility is another key quality for aspiring CIoTOs. Enterprise technology and implementation best practices continue to evolve, meaning IoT programs and the individuals that oversee them must be flexible enough to move forward with industry standards.

Organizations on the cusp of embracing IoT-based operational processes should consider putting individuals in the executive suite who can effectively manage these initiatives and chart out future deployments. YES Partners can help. Our seasoned executive search consultants can connect businesses with viable candidates who have the technical skills and executive experience needed to excel in the position of CIoTO.

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