How automation is transforming IT

Businesses must prepare for the developing IT transformation.
Businesses must prepare for the developing IT transformation.

Businesses of all sizes are embracing automated workflows in an effort to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity in today’s data-driven marketplace. From the back office to the shop floor, operational innovators are installing self-propelled processes in nearly every department. Surprisingly, one area of the enterprise experiencing the most automation-caused upheaval is information technology, analysts for Gartner discovered.

An automated IT landscape
Why are so many organizations adopting automated IT solutions? A large number of modern firms with business analytics tools in place are finding it difficult to process, store and manage the increasingly large amounts of data they collect, CIO reported. Even experienced in-house technical specialists with access to powerful digital infrastructure cannot effectively address and make actionable the information pouring in. Automated IT fixtures, on the other hand, can declutter raw data sets, identify collection and processing problems, and optimize transparency without much effort.

“Automation helps organizations improve data insight with intelligent analytics and reporting designed to easily identify, monitor and manage workflows and systems for faster, more reliable workload performance – therefore, allowing them to adapt to agile environments,” Benjamin Rosenberg, president for the IT automation firm Advanced Systems Concepts, told CIO.

“Chief information officers and other high-ranking IT professionals in similar roles must change their mindsets.”

Changing executive focus
This operational transformation carries major implications for both ground-level IT workers and those in the executive suite. The in-house technical workers addressing day-to-day concerns must find new duties. Some may even lose their jobs, according to Gartner. Chief information officers and other high-ranking IT professionals in similar roles must change their mindsets, Information Age reported. Instead of developing programs focused on efficiency, these individuals should embrace value-creation efforts with data-backed IT processes at their center.

Organizations across all sectors must prepare for this intensifying automation-driven transformation in the IT department. How? Pinpointing IT leaders with the technical skill sets and executive experience required to drive value creation through automated IT is the best place to start. YES Partners can help. Our executive search consultants can use their deep industry connections to find top-level IT professionals who can find success in this new automated environment.

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