How AI is being used in job recruitment

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly valuable — and sometimes intimidating — technology. So many different industries are implementing AI solutions to help automate tasks, gather more — and better — data, eliminate silos and so much more. Recruiters and organizations alike see these advantages and are also integrating AI into their workflows to optimize processes, filter candidates to create a  more efficient hiring process.

It won't be long until AI becomes the norm for many businesses. With improvements and revelations still happening every day, though, it's hard to know for certain where the tech will end up and how it will ultimately change the way we live and work.

For now, let's take a look at how AI is currently being used in recruiting processes and learn what it can do to help you work more efficiently. It's not all fun and games, though. There are some disadvantages to the technology — for job-seekers and recruiters. Companies are frustrated because even with technology they get inundated with resumes that do not match their job requirements because many job seekers just put keywords in their resumes.

Mechanical robot hand reaching towards a human handWould you trust AI to handle your job application?

Using AI to conduct video interviews

Beyond using predetermined algorithms to comb through candidates' applications, some recruiters have turned to AI during the interview process. Available technology now has the power to conduct interviews — a job once carried out exclusively by other humans. Emerging video-interviewing AI technology is capable of scanning interviewees for soft and hard skills and matching them against what the organization is looking for. This is usually done via a set of predetermined questions that the tech will skim and gather information from.

Integrating AI into internal hiring processes

Lots of organizations hire new positions from within. The benefits of this strategy are obvious — employers already know what their employees are good at, what their work ethics are, etc. But! Many companies are integrating AI into their internal hiring processes to find the right candidates faster. In fact, an IBM study indicated that more than 44% of HR professionals preferred using AI to find internal candidates. The technology uses data, pattern recognition and neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP to match current employees to new job openings.

Using AI to automate manual tasks

This strategy isn't exclusive to job recruitment, as many businesses employ AI to automate tasks. But, talent acquisition is historically known to have quite a lot of involved steps before a new candidate is hired. Using AI to streamline that process can help you save time and money by eliminating silos and acquiring new talent more quickly.

AI's promises are certainly there, but a human approach is still valued and appreciated by so many job-seekers. — so leave the hiring to us.

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