How AI Will Affect Business In The New Year

As the clock continues to count down the last days of 2017, business leaders will be looking forward to a fresh start. And while predicting the future is never an exact science, there will be a consensus in boardrooms across the country that 2018 will come with the usual set of emerging trends and potential challenges.

Artificial intelligence is likely to play a significant role in the next 12 months. Nobody is expecting the arrival of Skynet, but AI is going to be everywhere. For example, as companies look for efficient customer communication channels, there will be an increase in conversational AI, driven by advances in machine learning and the adoption of chatbots as a prime portal to the consumer.

AI Investment Increases

In the last 12 months, the big four tech companies—Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon—all invested in messaging and conversation apps. In 2018, those companies will continue to prioritize conversational A.I. VentureBeat reported that marketers are eager to embrace the benefits of AI, citing Facebook Messenger's Customer Chat plugin and Apple's Business Chat as powerful ways for companies to connect directly with customers.

"Enterprises are willing to pay salaries akin to professional sports stars."

AI is so much in demand that companies are keen to bring in specialists that can make the most of this evolving and (potentially) disruptive tech. The caveat is that AI experts are in short supply, according to Wired, with some enterprises willing to pay salaries akin to professional sports players for these AI superstars.

The news provider reported that this scenario makes a great deal of sense, as venture capital investment into AI startups is expected to increase exponentially over the next 12 months and beyond. Although 2018 will not be the barometer for mass AI adoption, integrating an AI strategy now will help enrich people's jobs, breath new life into old tasks and, ultimately, create new industries.  

Matching Supply And Demand

When you consider that AI is widely predicted to be the backbone of tech such as autonomous cars, digital assistants and the Internet of Things, then it is clear that bringing the right executive into a company becomes a priority.

At YES Partners, we specialize in finding people with the executive experience to take your company forward. Our executive search consultants are well versed in the nuances and requirements of the tech industry, and can help an enterprise in its search for the perfect person.

Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people for all company functions, across many industries.

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