Will machine learning transform the marketing department?

Organizations are disrupting marketing operations with new machine learning technology.
Organizations are disrupting marketing operations with new machine learning technology.

Organizations across numerous industries are investing in machine learning technology. This year alone, businesses worldwide are expected to allocate an estimated $12.5 billion toward enterprise artificial intelligence solutions based on the advanced computational technology, according to research from the International Data Corporation.

While most will funnel these innovations into IT and operations-based workflows, a growing number are likely to put machine-learning tools into the hands of internal marketing personnel. Why? Such assets give marketers the power to more effectively collect, analyze and act on customer-created behavioral data, according to the American Marketing Association.

“Businesses worldwide are expected to spend $12.5 billion on enterprise A.I. solutions based on machine learning.”

In recent years, innovators in the industry have experimented with machine learning. Now, established organizations are ready to take these cutting-edge outreach techniques mainstream, members of the Forbes Technology Council discovered. For example, a large number of firms are expected to adopt enhanced data visualization tools fueled by real-time customer information and devote considerable resources to content analysis. Additionally, incremental machine learning usage is likely to take hold, as marketing teams periodically access insights to tweak campaigns in process.

These changes will not only disrupt marketing departments around the world, but also the human resources personnel responsible for filling them. The reality is, businesses need modern marketers who are as comfortable perusing databases as they are creating engaging content. YES Partners can help. Our search consultants can pinpoint rising marketing professionals who have the skills to function and ultimately find success in this new reality.

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